7 Principles for Making Marriage Work Workshop…
Registration Fee: $50.00/couple
(includes resource package & coffee breaks)

This is a wonderful event to strengthen any relationship for happy or discontented couples.  This couples workshop based on a one day format allows couples to focus on themselves and apply all the great research that John Gottman has produced in his work, Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work.  Worried about being in a group of people?  No need.  There is no confidential information shared.  Couples spend a lot of time on their own.  Lots of people benefit from this approach and have raved about it.  So don’t be shy.

7 Principles Workshop Information

Contact: 519-375-5056/ruth@counsellingowensound.com

Growth Group
Registration Fee: $180.00
– 5 Group Sessions and 1 Individual Session over 6-8 week period

Based on the reality that it’s easier to do things with mutual support than alone and using the principles of a change theory called ‘Solution Focused’ inquiry, individuals work together but on their own unique goals.  Goals could be based on becoming healthier, completing a task, strengthening a relationship, improving a skill, etc. Five group meetings of 1.5 hours are structured over 6 weeks.  It’s a great way to get support in a cost effective way, learn a powerful technique, while accomplishing a personal goal. (Call to express interest)

Personal Growth Group Information

Contact: 519-375-5056/ruth@counsellingowensound.com

Rebuilding Group
Registration Fee: $180
(Includes Resource Pkg)

If you are undergoing separation or divorce you will appreciate how exhausting and emotional this transition can be! Rebuilding is a small (up to 7 people), confidential group which explores the typical experiences of separation and divorce and provides strategies to limit symptoms so grief can be paced and depression can be averted. We meet for 6 sessions over 6-7 weeks. ‘Better divorces’ can help improve communication in co-parenting arrangements and can make legal agreements more amicable. (Call to express interest)

Rebuilding Group Information

Contact: 519-375-5056/ruth@counsellingowensound.com