Couple CounsellingDid you know that only a generation ago couples counselling was less likely to help your relationship than muddling through things on your own? Now, we have great research on what makes healthy relationships ‘tick’ thanks to people like John Gottman and Sue Johnson. Apply some of the best research available to help strengthen your relationship. ¬†Experience strategies to reduce gridlocked conflicts, improve friendship and understand how these are related to sexual intimacy. Heal from an affair. Understand the role addictions play in relating to your spouse.

Gottman Approved MemberAssess your relationship health through the online research tool, ‘Gottman Relationship Check Up’


Understand the role of emotions using Sue Johnson’s Emotion Focused Therapy approach.

Attend the ‘Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work’¬†Couple’s Workshop to learn how to apply the outstanding research of John Gottman in your relationship.