1. Open Ended Questions‘Open Ended Questions’

Sometimes we lack creativity in maintaining connections with our partner. We often are better conversationalists with our friends than our partner. But, Gottman’s research shows that couples who maintain an up to date knowledge of their partner’s inner world their thoughts and changing perspectives on life  maintain more vibrancy in their relationship than couples who let things slide and assume nothing has changed.

This pack of 35 cards is jammed with interesting things to talk about. Use them at the evening meal, when driving in the car, or out for a walk. They’re a fun way of keeping you in the habit of updating with your partner and family.

$14.99 USD online at  https://www.thegamecrafter.com

  1. Gottman Approved MemberGottman Institute online ‘Relationship Check UP’

This is an online assessment tool for determining the health of a couple’s relationship.  It is based on the research of John Gottman and purchased on your behalf by this counsellor from the Gottman Institute as part of a couple counselling package.  You can read more about this efficient and comprehensive survey at: www.gottman.com relationship checkup