Ruth is not taking any new clients at this time.

Ruth is committed to improving your health and wellness and the well-being of your family by delivering specialized and customized education that helps people reach their goals.

These goals might include improving mood, strengthening a relationship, working through the dynamics of a difficult family or work situation…. She wants to make services accessible by offering affordable counselling and groups. Ruth has been vetted by a number of Employee Assistance Programs and Insurers. If you have coverage that enables your services to be purchased on your behalf, she will work with them.

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Counselling for Depression

There are lifestyle strategies that support mental health. Take the Quiz to see if your emotion regulators are in need of a tune up. Sometimes due to current circumstances or past history we become vulnerable to low self esteem or

Couples Counselling

Did you know that only a generation ago couples counselling was less likely to help your relationship than muddling through things on your own? Now, we have great research on what makes healthy relationships ‘tick’ thanks to people like John

Grief & Loss

Over the course of a lifetime we all face losses. Sometimes these losses are so significant or frequent that they change the very way we view  ourselves, our life or the world around us.  The fatigue factors related to grief

Group Services

7 Principles for Making Marriage Work Workshop… This is a wonderful event to strengthen any relationship for happy or discontented couples.  This couples workshop based on a one day format allows couples to focus on themselves and apply all the

Separation & Divorce

Losses associated with a relationship breakdown are multiple and intense.  Not only are our financial, housing, and normal routines changed but also our very identity.  We are no longer someone’s husband, wife or partner. Who are we now? We ache

Stress/Post Trauma

Learn methods to reduce worry, panic, improve sleep and slow down racing thoughts; Techniques such as ‘mindfulness’, relaxation, breathing, and distraction are all useful approaches to slow down the brain and some of the ‘fight or flight’ neurochemicals. These are